"Anxiety cured with GAB Doggie CBD once per day! BaileyBae stops biting books and other household items when she takes her CBD. She sits and waits for her dose once per day joyfully and is happy as can be. Thank you GAB for making BaileyBae a healthy and happy doggie!"

Click here to see the video of BaileyBae getting help with her anxiety using GAB Doggie CBD!

"I'm truly grateful for the effects of the GAB Salve topical cream.  I have several herniated disks in my neck and lower back that cause me a lot of pain. The Salve works quickly and lasts, it gives me the relief that I need. I also take the oil for the inflammation and for overall well-being.  It’s truly a blessing!”  - Susy

"I have Lupus and live with pain and inflammation.  My Doctor introduced me to GAB CBD oil a powerful Anti-Inflammatory For the 1st time since I was diagnosed 15 years ago, it has relieved both, with NO side effects. My "Western" medicines were not treating the Inflammation... only the Pain. This CBD Oil changed my life...from day 1!!! Pain and inflammation is gone!" - Carla

"My daughter who has ADHD was shaking terribly from her medications is now calmer from using the CBD without THC.  Her Doctor was also able to reduce the milligrams she was taking of her ADHD meds due to her switch to the GBS product offering.  I have been taking the dummies for sleep and they are really helpful to assist in my staying asleep.  Thank you GBS and your fine products!" - M.N.

"We have a 13-year-old son on the Autism spectrum whose mind doesn’t seem to slow down.  We decided to start him on Global Advanced Botanicals THC free CBD oil.  Within days, we started noticing his speech become clearer.  Within a few more days, we noticed he was more relaxed and calm to be able to respond more positively to unexpected or stressful situations. By 3 weeks, we saw our son for the first time sit down and do his math homework independently. We believe that this rapid improvement is attributed to that GAB oils are organic.  We are so excited to have started him on the CBD oil. Global Advanced Botanicals has opened a new path for us to be able to help our son." - Carmen and Eddie

"My dog Mia arrived on the scene with a lot of nervous behaviors from having been a rescue dog.  GBS recommended that we use the CBD oil for dogs.  Not only does she love it, it has helped her and all of us in the integrating of her to our family.  She is much calmer making puppy training easier on us all." - Marta

"GAB has been a ‘God sent’ for me. My knee pain has been diminished and now I enjoy a ‘pep in my step’!!! 

As to service, these folks have the greatest respect for time management...I text or call and have my products, if not on the same day, the next. Kudos to all of you in GAB!!!" - Lula